Implementation case
of GoSklad
Warehouse rental
Optimizing the process of renting a warehouse using GoSklad

Client: a company specializing in warehouse rental

Initial situation
The client was looking for a system to efficiently manage warehouse leases.
It was necessary to transparently track the available and occupied premises. The functionality of amoCRM allowed adding warehouses, but it was not possible to specify whether the warehouse was reserved or not. This made management difficult, as warehouses often changed status and double bookings could not be allowed.
To solve this problem, it was decided to implement the GoSklad service.

Solution Implementation:

1. Booking system
With GoSklad, the client easily selects and reserves warehouses. Once a warehouse is reserved, it can no longer be booked, preventing duplicate reservations. Also, each warehouse is considered unique, which gives accurate tracking and availability of each item.

2. Automatic payment processing
An automated payment system has been introduced, including an acquiring system for processing payments. When renting a warehouse, an invoice is generated automatically, and payment details are transferred to the acquiring system. The client receives a request for payment, and upon successful payment, the rental status is updated. This approach simplifies the rental process and ensures timely payments.

3. Proactive communication and follow-up
When the rental renewal date approaches, the system sends a reminder via WhatsApp. This message prompts the customer to renew the lease, creating a continuous cycle of leases. If a payment is missed, the system will also send a notification.

The collaboration between Rocket IN and GoSklad made it possible to simplify the client's processes. The developed booking system and automatic payment processing have simplified transactions, reduced errors and increased overall efficiency.

GoSklad allows you to flexibly customize the service for different customer needs, which makes it universal for optimizing many business processes.
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