Implementation case
of GoSklad
Store with coffee capsules
Optimizing the operation of a store with coffee capsules

Client: A small store specializing in the sale of coffee capsules and coffee machines under the franchise of an Italian company.

The client works with both individuals and legal entities. It provides a full range of services related to coffee equipment and capsules, including sales and rental of coffee machines.
Which causes a number of difficulties:
1. Managing the flow of orders the store receives a large flow of orders through social networks, and it was difficult to track which products and in what quantities customers ordered.
2. Delivery control – it was necessary to effectively manage the delivery of goods, including courier routes and tracking the transfer of goods to customers.
3. Sales accounting and analytics – the client used an Italian remote system for warehouse and sales accounting, but it was inconvenient and did not provide the necessary analytics.

To solve these problems, the client turned to our partner Helping Business, who implemented the GoSklad service:

1. A CRM system has been implemented to record all sales and requests from clients from various channels
2. Accounting for goods to track stock balances, their movement and sales.
3. Optimization of the order and delivery management process, convenient planning of courier routes and control over the transfer of goods to customers.
4. Reporting and analytics system to obtain detailed information on sales and income. This functionality is not yet fully used by the client; improvements are also planned for more detailed statistics.

The implementation of GoSklad helped the store:
- Effectively manage orders and customer requests.
- Optimize the delivery process and control over the movement of goods.
- Analyze sales and profits more fully.

The store can provide a higher level of customer service and manage its business efficiently.
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