Implementation case
of GoSklad
Wholesale sales of seedlings
Case of implementation of GoSklad by partner CRMBY

Client: Bluecoin is a Belarusian company with a turnover of more than $100,000 per year, engaged in the sale of seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs, the main direction is wholesale sales.

Initial situation
The client requested the implementation of amoCRM. During the process, it turned out that the client needed to keep records of goods, they should be displayed in amoCRM goods, included in transactions and automatically included in documents.

Several services were considered to solve this problem, but the choice fell on GoSklad, which was able to cover all the client’s needs with one tool.

What we did:

1️⃣Automation of document generation
GoSklad has automated the document creation process. Products are now automatically included in documents, which significantly saves managers time.

2️⃣Creation of document templates
Templates have been created for contracts, invoices, specifications and commercial proposals that can be quickly filled out using data from the system.

3️⃣Auto-substitution of prices
There was a peculiarity in pricing - the cost of a product depended on its quantity. To prevent managers from getting confused about prices, GoSklad set up automatic substitution of prices depending on the quantity of goods, which eliminated the need to remember and manually enter different prices. Products were divided into ranges and attributes were assigned, which allows managers to quickly and conveniently select the desired items.

In the plans:
1. Public orders
Implementation of a public order function so that commercial proposals can be sent to clients with the ability to edit the order.

2. Analytics of sales and balances
Setting up and optimizing sales analytics and balance accounting for more accurate and efficient inventory management.

The implementation of GoSklad allowed Bluecoin to significantly simplify and automate the processes of working with goods and documents, and increase the accuracy and speed of order processing.
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