Implementation case
of GoSklad
Hardware store
Implementation of the GoSklad service in a hardware store

Client: Construction materials sales company

initial situation
The client kept all accounting and work with goods in Google Sheets. There was a need to automate and simplify processes, as well as integration with amoCRM for more efficient customer and order management.

What was done

1. Integration of GoSklad and amoCRM
Requests from clients are received in amoCRM, providing a centralized and structured flow of requests. And the integration between GoSklad and amoCRM provides more efficient order and inventory management.

2. Import of goods to GoSklad
The process of automatic import of goods into the GoSklad system has been implemented for convenient accounting and assortment management.

3. Automation of document flow
GoSklad allows you to automatically create the necessary documents (acts, invoices, checks, contracts, etc.); for this purpose, integration with Google Drive was configured, where all the necessary document templates are downloaded.

4. Automatic write-off of goods
When adding goods to an order card, they are automatically debited from the corresponding warehouses, which significantly simplifies the process of accounting for goods and inventory.

5. Analytics and reporting
GoSklad provides detailed analytics on sales, movement of goods and other key parameters, which helps the client make informed decisions and optimize their processes.

Automated processes have reduced time costs and reduced the likelihood of errors.
Integration with amoCRM provided a unified and structured approach to managing client requests.
Analytics allows you to plan inventory more effectively and optimize your assortment.
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