Implementation case
of GoSklad
Feed manufacturers
GoSklad service implementation case for a feed manufacturer from our partner Sales Logic!

Russian feed manufacturer with an extensive network of dealers.

Initial situation:
The client requested automation of business processes in the sales department. It also required warehouse accounting for different business areas. After considering several options, the choice was made in favor of GoSklad.

What was done:
1. integration with amoCRM:
GoSklad is integrated with amoCRM to synchronize data on customers and product balances, providing a single and accurate source of information.

2. Sales Funnels:
Configured sales funnels for existing customers and attracting new ones, optimizing the deal-making process.

3. Communication channels:
Communication channels including email and WhatsApp are set up, with plans to set up telephony for better customer interaction.

4. Customize warehouses and price types:
  • Created different types of warehouses, such as general dealer and virtual production warehouse, with customization for shipping to marketplaces.
  • Different price types are set up for wholesale, retail and breeder sales.

5. Analytics:
Individual analytics are set up for each warehouse with the necessary parameters, providing better control over processes.

6. Order Management:
Order management was implemented, allowing warehouse employees to move goods without access to amoCRM. The system notifies about new orders and generates their readiness for shipment.

Plans are in the works for refinements:
  • Improvements are planned for accounting for basic goods piece by piece and accounting for weight balances in production.
  • Implementation of document management including invoices, dtn, purchase orders and invoice invoices.

The effective implementation of GoSklad allowed the client to improve the management of their business, making processes more transparent and efficient.
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