Implementation case
of GoSklad
Oil and gas equipment supplier
Implementation case of GoSklad service by our partner GOintegration!

Client Industry: Supply of oil and gas equipment for gas stations.

Project Goals:
  • Systematize sales department operations.
  • Implement warehouse management software to control inventory movement.

What was done
1. Connected and configured amoCRM
amoCRM was connected and configured for managing customer data and the sales process, enabling the client to interact more efficiently with customers and track the entire sales cycle.

2. Integration of amoCRM and GoSklad
Integrated amoCRM with GoSklad, ensuring more effective order management and inventory control.

3. Item Loading
The entire product range was loaded into the system, allowing the client to manage existing products promptly and track their availability.

4. Automatic Document Creation
Configured automatic generation of necessary documents such as invoices, acts, receipts, and contracts, significantly reducing the time for their preparation and lowering the likelihood of errors.

5. Configuration of Analytical Reports
Currently configuring analytical reports tailored to the client's specific needs, helping them make informed decisions and optimize their processes.

As a result of implementing GoSklad, many processes in the sales and inventory management departments are automated for the client. This will enable them to comfortably scale their business and effectively manage its development in the future.
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