Implementation case
of GoSklad
Tobacco manufacturer
Optimizing the work of a tobacco manufacturer

Client: THE NICOTOBACCO FACTORY, a European manufacturer of tobacco and vaping products with head office in Poland and operations throughout Europe.

Initially, the company used Excel for various operations, including managing production and warehouse processes. Seeking to streamline their workflow, the client approached our partners, AMOgeneration. Besides implementing a CRM system, they required inventory management, including packaging, sorting, and inventory control. AMOgeneration suggested amoCRM and GoSklad to address these challenges.

What was done:
– Implemented GoSklad to record warehouse operations and inventory.
– Implemented amoCRM as the main CRM system and set up integration with GoSklad
– Improvements (in progress) - Work on completing orders from component goods.

Why chose GoSklad?
  1. Currency convenience. The flexibility to choose a currency, allowing operations in the preferred currency — the Euro.
  2. Document generation. Creating document templates meeting European standards to manage production processes.
  3. Statistics and analytics. GoSklad provided sales and cost price statistics.
THE NICOTOBACCO FACTORY has been successfully using GoSklad for more than six months. The client is completely satisfied with the results of the implementation and the functionality that solves their main problems

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