Implementation case
of GoSklad
Hotel furnishing company
Optimization of the process of furnishing hotels with the help of GoSklad

Client: A company specializing in hotel equipment and room furnishing.

Task: The client wanted to automate the creation of commercial offers. Previously, this was done by manually generating quotations and specifications, which included copying each position from Excel spreadsheets. With 40-50 positions in each proposal, this process became laborious, which required an automated solution to optimize the process.

Solution: We chose GoSklad because of its features, such as calculated fields for cost, budget, and profit, as well as the user-friendly catalog format. The system made it easy to add products to the "cart" and provided an automated workflow with automatic calculation of the amount of goods.

1. The traditional approach with warehouse goods and leftovers was not suitable, since all goods were ordered for a specific client. To solve this problem, all products were added as services, which made it convenient to specify different quantities. Standard and non-standard categories and subcategories are also set up to manage products at the request of the client.
2. GoSklad has made it possible to take into account specific requirements for different sub-categories, such as manufacturer indication for cabinet furniture, upholstery material or color for certain products.
3. Document templates were set up, and they also advised the client how to use the system and import positions.

Plans for the future
Planned updates in GoSklad:
– the ability to upload product images;
– managing access to documents;
– adding additional calculated fields;
– the ability to hide profits in the product card.

The partnership between iFabrique and GoSklad made it possible to optimize the client's processes - workflow automation and flexible configuration increased efficiency and saved time.
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