Implementation case
of GoSklad
Construction company
Transforming the trade process in a Construction company with GoSklad

Client: A construction company operating through sales representatives.

Initial Situation: The client approached with a request to integrate standard products into amoCRM. However, due to system-specific limitations, they encountered certain challenges:

1. In amoCRM, products lacked flexibility in price adjustments, which was crucial for the client due to varying prices across territories and customers.
2. The product analytics in amoCRM did not meet the client's primary need - tracking the quantity of products in relation to territories and customers.

The client was proposed to implement the GoSklad service and integrate it with amoCRM, which successfully addressed their challenges:

1. Flexible Price Adjustments: GoSklad provided the capability for flexible control over product prices, allowing adjustments based on list prices and customer requirements.

2. Precise Analytics and Reporting: In response to the request from the Traffic and Sales partner, GoSklad enhanced data extraction to Google Sheets. When products were sold, data was automatically sent to Google Sheets, capturing prices, quantities, and customer identifiers. The partner then exported this data to PowerBI to create detailed reports, encompassing sales volume, territorial coverage, and manager performance.

Achieved Benefits:

– Price Management Flexibility: GoSklad empowered the client to easily adjust product prices, ensuring accurate and adaptable pricing strategies.

– Comprehensive Analytics: The developed analytics system enabled the client to monitor sales volumes, analyze territorial coverage, and evaluate manager effectiveness based on real data.

Future Plans: As part of ongoing enhancements, GoSklad is working on a feature that generates links for orders, eliminating the need for sales representatives to switch to amoCRM while working in the field. This will expedite and simplify order processing, saving time and rendering the process more efficient.

Conclusion: Through GoSklad, our partner, Traffic and Sales, facilitated the optimization of the construction company's trade process. The flexible price management, precise analytics, and process automation have made their operations within amoCRM more effective and result-driven.
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